Check out the recording of my radio interview with Radio Zenith Messina, Italy live on-air 8/24/17! Thank you to Radio Zenith and host Daniela Celella for having me on the show! It was a pleasure! Valerie 

Turkish Media, World Stroke Day, Upcoming Shows, etc... 

Turkish Media

I have been featured in two different Turkish magazines this summer, relative to my audiobook release. Totally excited! I don't speak Turkish, but I have been told they say some nice things!


World Stroke Day!

October 29 was World Stroke Day -  a day to not only remember all those impacted by stroke, but also a day to promote awareness. Learn the warning signs...F (facial drooping), Arm (weakness), S (speech difficulties) and T (time is of the absolute essence, get to a hospital immediately). I am honored to be a featured story for the National Stroke Association's World Stroke Day campaign! I will be in the next issue of StrokeSmart magazine, and am featured on the home page of their website. I am so happy to be able to share my story with the hope that it may give someone hope. Click here for more info: Valerie Giglio's Story; StrokeSmart

Upcoming appearances

Barnes and Noble Veterans Day Concert

I will be singing at Barnes and Noble, Burlington, MA on 11/11 from 11-1. Come on down!


Holiday Stroll

December 2, Downtown Wakefield, MA

I will be performing at the Holiday Stroll on December 2 in downtown Wakefield. Time TBA!!!!



NBC TV Interview, NYC, RAISE awards, HeartWalk, and more :)  


SO many things are happening right now that my head is spinning! This summer has been chock full of appearances, performances, and more. So I decided to give you a run-down!  

In August, had the privilege of being interviewed by NBC-TV Boston where I talked about the stroke and my recovery with an emphasis on music of course! Click here for the link!  

I also played at the historic The Bitter End in NYC as part of the Indie Collaborative! My wonderfully talented friend and fellow featured artist Michele Romeo kindly accompanied my performance on guitar.  It was an amazing evening filled with memorable performances from so many artists. Michele and I were also interviewed for Stroke of Luck TV while in NYC...and thank you to Rene Marie Testa Adams for graciously having us appear on your show!  Click here for the youtube link!

I also found out I have been nominated for a RAISE award for outstanding stroke survivor (National Stroke Association) by my lifelong dear friend Annette Carroll. It is an incredible honor. 

And...on Saturday, I had the most amazing experience. I was asked to sing the National Anthem at the famed Esplanade/Hatch Shell in Boston, MA for the American Heart Walk. A truly once in a lifetime experience!! Thank you so much American Heart Association for asking me to be a part of this! It is a cause so near and dear to me always. 

Ok well that's about it for now! Have a great week! :) Valerie 

NYC events and Radio Zenith Messina, Italy! 

Hi! A bit of news...

Tune into Radio Zenith Messina Thursday from 12-2 to hear my live interview on the show "Con Daniela"! She will also be playing my music as well! here is the link!:

be sure to listen by clicking "Ascolta"!!  

And if you are in the NYC area, I will be performing at The Bitter End with the Indie Collaborative on August 28!

And I will be taping my appearance for the internet TV show "Stroke of Luck"...air date TBD but there will be some live video as well!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! :) 






Latest news and Events! 


Just a quick note to let you know the exciting things that are happening! My audiobook was released August 1 and is now available for sale as a download on (amazon, iTunes, etc)  For the Audible Link Click here!, at by clicking the link here, and of course from my website !


Recently, I appeared on Creative Confidential, a podcast hosted by Bryan Tuk and showcasing creative professionals! you can find the link here!

I will be interviewed by Radio Zenith Messina, Italy on August 24 - time TBD! It is a radio station broadcasting in Italy and in NYC!  They will be interviewing me and playing a couple of my songs on air in a rotation this month!

On August 28 I will be performing at the legendary The Bitter End in NYC as part of the Indie Collaborative, I will be doing a spoken word reading of my book followed by a performance. The event is almost sold out, but you can still purchase tickets here!

On August 27 I will be appearing on Stroke of Luck TV Show, which is an online show based out of the NY/NJ area!!

And then, on September 9 I will be singing the National Anthem at the Esplanade for the American Heart Walk in Boston, MA!!

So that's about it for now!! Have a great weekend!!





Audiobook Coming August 1 and Free Giveaway!  

Hope everyone is having a great summer! My audiobook is ALMOST here and we are planning an new release date of August 1!  It has been an amazing experience to narrate this audiobook, and I cannot wait to share it with the world :) I worked on this project with Istanbul native, Berklee College of Music alumni and fellow Grammy member Alper Tuzcu, and it is read in a laid back conversational style, like talking to a longtime friend on your living room couch.  We wanted the listener to really get immersed in the story, and that is why I read it myself. You will hear the authentic voice of a stroke survivor and come along with me on my journey. We've even got sound effects throughout the audiobook as well as amazing Grammy award winning music by the incomparable Laura Sullivan! Sure, I could have easily hired a professional narrator to do this, but it is my story and only I can tell it because I lived it, and I want people to hear this story truly in my own words. I am super proud of this audiobook because after the stroke, I could barely speak for more than moments at a time, and when I did, I spoke in a high pitched Muppet-like voice. And now, 3 years later, i have narrated an entire 7 hour audiobook and I am still standing :). Miracles happen, that's for sure. (Actually the fact that I am even standing is another miracle that I am very grateful for!) 

And be on the lookout for a FREE giveaway which I will be holding on Goodreads shortly after the release along with a special promotion if you buy the audiobook from my website! Ciao for now...






Audiobook release and summer concerts! 

Hi and Happy 4th! 

My audiobook is scheduled to be released this month! It's been a long journey but this project is finally here! I hope you will like it!  Recorded in a relaxed and down to earth manner, our goal was to make the listener feel as if they are talking to a friend on their living room couch  - and we hope this approach encourages people to relate in their own way and become immersed in the story :) I am honored that the audiobook features Grammy Award Winning music from Laura Sullivan, who is an amazing composer and recording artist! The audiobook features her compositions Love's River and Holding Heaven her CD "Love's River" , which won the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 2014.  The audiobook also includes portions of We Are Love, from her epic video 900 Voices, which I was honored to be performing as one of the "900" Voices! It is performed in 27 languages from 938 people!

Check out the video trailer below!

Also, I will be featured at the Tewksbury Public Library on July 13 at 7 PM as part of their Summer Author Series. I will perform a 30 minute concert with Ray Cavicchio followed by a Book Signing/Presentation. Join us and say hello! 

On August 28, I will be appearing at The Bitter End in New York City as a featured performer with the Indie Collaborative. I will actually be performing part of my book as a Spoken Word Artist! I can't wait!

That's it for now...Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!!!!!!!


News and upcoming events 


So, this post is long overdue but I have a lot of news and events (past, present, and future!) that I want to share. I will be performing an acoustic set at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Burlington, MA on Memorial Day, Monday May 29 at 3 p.m. with Alper Tuzcu on guitar, followed by a book signing! Please join us! It is going to be a fun day! :) And in August, I will be appearing at The Bitter End in New York City with the Indie Collaborative. We are an organization of independent musicians from all over the world sharing our performances. 

This February, I attended the Grammy Awards and also performed at the Indie Collaborative Grammy weekend performance event in L.A.! It was an amazing opportunity! And I want to thank my friend and fellow member, L.A. based recording artist Vito Gregoli, for accompanying me on guitar! Here are a few pics from both events! 

This Spring, I also had the honor of appearing on a local cable show called Book Stew, hosted by Eileen MacDougall, where I discussed my book and sang a short performance. Here is the link to the interview and performance!

The reason for my delayed blog post is that I've been hard at work this year as I finish recording the audiobook version of my book. I am narrating the project myself, and it is a very time consuming project. The audiobook is produced/engineered by Alper Tuzcu of Boston and Istanbul, Turkey, who has dedicated countless hours (and over one year!) ensuring the success of this project. His work is amazing! We anticipate the release date to be sometime this Summer. I will keep you posted! 

That's all for today :) Cheers!





Thank you and Happy Holidays!  

Thank you to everyone that came to my book signing at Barnes and Noble last Sunday! It was a great success and so nice to see everybody. I really appreciate the support and it means a great deal to me. The store currently has signed copies of my book available in stock at their Burlington, MA location! Thank you again and I wish you and your family a very happy Holiday season! Cheers! Valerie :) 

Festival Italia, Book Launch Party at I AM Books, reviews, and more... 

Last month, I had a booth at Festival Italia in Wakefield, MA. It was a great success and I was happy to share my story. A very exciting and family oriented day of music, food, and of course selling my book! It was a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people!  
On another note (pun intended!) My book has made its way to is a photo of Grammy-nominated artist and producer Arun Shenoy reading his copy!

And last week, I was honored that I AM Books in Boston's North End hosted my book launch party. It was an incredible evening and I was so grateful that my neurologist and therapy team wee in attendance! It meant the world to me!!! 

Here I am with Nicola Orichuia, owner of I AM Books. To give you a little background, this is the first Italian bookstore to open in the US. They sell books written in Italian, or by Italian-American authors like myself, and they have a great selection of children's books as well as gifts and audiobooks. It's like a little piece of Italy in Boston! 

Next week my book will be part of an exhibit by the Independent Publishers of New England, at the New England Independent Booksellers Association conference in Providence, RI.....

And finally, I am so excited to have received my first professional book review! I received 4.5 out of 5 stars from the Portland Book Review!  You can read the review here: 
Portland Book Review link

So, lots of cool things happening....stay tuned for more!  And A HUGE thank you to all my supporters and friends :) 

Have a great weekend!