2015 Grammy Awards

I recently returned from the 2015 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. It was amazing. This year, I got official red carpet privileges. And most of all, I WALKED the red carpet like a normal person. This was a far cry from a few months ago when I was confined to a wheelchair, so it was kind of a big deal for me. At my lowest point, I thought I'd never be able to do something like this again. 

Of course, I had to forgo the dress and heels this year in favor of something more stroke-friendly, yet sill equally outrageous. As I walked the red carpet, I noticed a man and his wife also walking next to me. The man was in sneakers, so it gave me a little reassurance that I wasn't the only one that chose to forgo some glitz and glam. I didn't think too much of this guy and we walked our separate ways at the end of the carpet. I had tucked my camera neatly in my purse as I didn't see anyone famous :). 

Later, I find out that I apparently walked the red carpet next to Pharrell. I never got to meet him as I assumed he was just another guest in the crowd. I never even got a picture! Talk about a major fail. And, I love Pharrell. I guess I was just too focused on happily strolling along the carpet and just rejoicing in being alive! 

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