Audiobook Coming August 1 and Free Giveaway!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! My audiobook is ALMOST here and we are planning an new release date of August 1!  It has been an amazing experience to narrate this audiobook, and I cannot wait to share it with the world :) I worked on this project with Istanbul native, Berklee College of Music alumni and fellow Grammy member Alper Tuzcu, and it is read in a laid back conversational style, like talking to a longtime friend on your living room couch.  We wanted the listener to really get immersed in the story, and that is why I read it myself. You will hear the authentic voice of a stroke survivor and come along with me on my journey. We've even got sound effects throughout the audiobook as well as amazing Grammy award winning music by the incomparable Laura Sullivan! Sure, I could have easily hired a professional narrator to do this, but it is my story and only I can tell it because I lived it, and I want people to hear this story truly in my own words. I am super proud of this audiobook because after the stroke, I could barely speak for more than moments at a time, and when I did, I spoke in a high pitched Muppet-like voice. And now, 3 years later, i have narrated an entire 7 hour audiobook and I am still standing :). Miracles happen, that's for sure. (Actually the fact that I am even standing is another miracle that I am very grateful for!) 

And be on the lookout for a FREE giveaway which I will be holding on Goodreads shortly after the release along with a special promotion if you buy the audiobook from my website! Ciao for now...