I'm Back!

So....come sta and che si dice?  

I can't believe it's February already-and I've been slacking in the Blog department! 

January was a busy month for me.  I was honored to be a featured vocalist at the Ron Della Chiesa/Al Vega Tribute Concert at Scullers Jazz Club on January 17.  For those who do not know Ron, he is a radio legend and the voice of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for many years, in addition to having his own shows on WGBH.  Ron just published his biography, "Radio My Way" and because he was such a wonderful friend to the late Al Vega, he decided to turn his event into a tribute to Al.  I can't even tell you how crazy this concert was.  So many big names in the Boston jazz scene (Rebecca Parris, Grace Kelly, Mae Arnette, and Dr. Leonard Brown just to name a few) sharing the stage in tribute to Al.  I performed a tune that I always did with Al - a swingin' cover of the Andrews Sisters "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" with the Al Vega Tribute Orchestra and the great Teddy Casher on clarinet.   It was an amazing night that I'll never forget.  

Next up is my Valentine's day gig at Giuseppe's Ristorante in Gloucester. What a great place, a wonderful piano bar with excellent food and homemade desserts.  What's better than that?  I'll be doing my Dolce Vita show, featuring songs from my CD as well as Italian and American love songs.  Mike Tebo will be accompanying me on piano. Mike is a sought after musician and performer, and leader of the Mike Tebo band.  A versatile multi-instrumentalist, Mike has been playing throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire for decades and I'm so happy to be playing with him! 

Buona Notte mei amici!!!

Ciao Valerie


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