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"Rollicking fun here a near century later. Valerie electrifies the spirit of a bygone era."

- Daedalus (Producer, DJ, multi-instrumental EDM artist)  



"Valerie Giglio is a woman who appeared in the Electro Swing industry totally unexpectedly, by surprise. She captivated me with her hypnotic voice..." 

-Lady Dot Reviews, Electro Swing Thing 

"Valerie's heart and soul shine through every song she touches." 


- David Sholemson (Sr. VP of Ted Kurland Assoc. and manager, Pat Metheny) 

"Valerie's music has power over the body, As you listen, It closes your eyes and transports you into a most melodically beautiful place."  

 - Marlow Rosado (Grammy Award winning pianist/composer)  

"Her energy and voice timber is what I would describe as 'Silky'..she picks up the audience energy quickly and gives a full night of entertainment."     

- Philip Fenech (Managing Director, BJ's Live Music Club, Paceville, Malta, Europe ) 

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