"Rollicking fun here a near century later. Valerie electrifies the spirit of a bygone era."

- Daedalus (Producer, DJ, multi-instrumental EDM artist)  


"Valerie Giglio is a woman who appeared in the Electro Swing industry totally unexpectedly, by surprise. She captivated me with her hypnotic voice..." 

-Lady Dot Reviews, Electro Swing Thing  

"Valerie's heart and soul shine through every song she touches." 


- David Sholemson (Sr. VP of Ted Kurland Assoc. and manager, Pat Metheny) 

"Valerie's music has power over the body, As you listen, It closes your eyes and transports you into a most melodically beautiful place."  

 - Marlow Rosado (Grammy Award winning pianist/composer)  

"Her energy and voice timber is what I would describe as 'Silky'..she picks up the audience energy quickly and gives a full night of entertainment."     

- Philip Fenech (Managing Director, BJ's Live Music Club, Paceville, Malta, Europe ) 

New Electro Swing House Remix

"The Illusionist"

from Glenn Gatsby and Electro Swing Thing! 


Now available! "The Illusionist"

feat. Samuel Cerra 

Video Filmed on location in the gorgeous European island nation Malta, featuring Malta's top Illusionists Brian Role and Lola Palmer!