Media coverage and Book reviews of Valerie's stroke journey:

It was an honor to be interviewed (and do a bit of singing!) for local cable TV show Book Stew, hosted by Eileen MacDougall. Thank you Eileen and the entire staff of WCTV! Click on the photo to be taken to the SoundCloud link! :)

Click on photo for link to Valerie's National Stroke Association interview with Future of Personal Health!

Young stroke survivor's long road back Young stroke survivo...

Giglio was just 42 when a stroke left her partially paralyzed and unable to sing.

Posted by The Boston Globe on Monday, July 27, 2015
The Boston Globe: 

Jazz Singer's Long Road Back
Featured by the National Stroke Association's StrokeSmart magazine:

Come Back Strong: Valerie Giglio
As one of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network's Featured Patients: 

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network: Remarkable Recoveries - Valerie's Story

What people are saying about Valerie's Music...

"I Love the way Valerie sings the Italian Classics. We need wonderful young artists like Valerie to keep this great tradition of music from Italy alive..and she's one of the best! Brava..." - Radio host Ron Della Chiesa (WGBH, Boston, MA)

"Valerie's music has power over the body, As you listen, It closes your eyes and transports you into a most melodically beautiful place. 
Valerie's passionate voice sleeps beautifully over the very delicate and romantic musical arrangement."  - Marlow Rosado (Grammy Award winning pianist/composer)  

"Valerie's heart and soul shine through every song she touches."  David Sholemson (Sr. VP of Ted Kurland Assoc. and manager, Pat Metheny.) 

"Valerie Giglio is a one of a kind original. Her soulful and passionate style is at once a retro treat, as well as an inspired and fresh new vibe on classic favorites. When I hear her sing, I am left for wanting nothing more than to be sipping a glass of wine in a café near the Trevi Fountain. Her voice is dynamic and emotive. She draws me in with a sensitivity that only someone who understands the layers of meaning in the lyrics of these well loved pieces could aptly perform. She is an artist to watch as her career will surely continue to expand in exciting new directions, delighting us with more of her charm which is so richly unique I believe she could be the next one to create a whole new genre that others will soon imitate." Laura Sullivan (Grammy Award winning Pianist and Composer, Sentient Spirit Records)

"We have had the pleasure of Valerie singing at our Jazz Bar, BJ's in Malta (Europe) ...her voice is extremely versatile and can improvise and adapt her style accordingly...her energy and voice timber is what I would describe as 'Silky'..she picks up the audience energy quickly and gives a full night of entertainment"  - Philip Fenech (Managing Director, BJ's Live Music Club, Paceville, Malta )

"Valerie's music will touch your soul. Every word, every note that she sings will penetrate your essence and sear itself into your memory. I played Valerie's music while traveling through the Sicilian countryside as I was researching my book, and her music was the major inspiration of the story. She is simply magical." - Novelist Alfred Zappala, Esq., (author of "Gaetano's Trunk", "The Reverse Immigrant", and "Figghiu Beddu").